Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions specify terms for apartment rental (Hereinafter: 'Apartments'), In the Parkside Apartments facility at Mikołaja Kopernika 8 (Hereinafter: ‘Facilty'). Reservation is made through the medium of the website www.parksidekrakow.pl between company Litex Zakład Produkcyjno-Handlowy Stanisław Litwin with its registered seat in Ostrów Wielkopolski, address: Ul. Staroprzygodzka 117, entered into the central registry and information about business activity of The Republic Of Poland kept by the minister competent for development and economy, nip (Polish tax identification number): 622-010-49-92 (Hereinafter: 'LITEX ZPH') and the renter (Hereinafter: The 'client'), under terms specified in the terms and conditions.

Rental agreement

The agreement concluded between LITEX ZPH and the client covers rental of the apartment in accordance with the offer binding on the day of the reservation. The rent for the apartment includes fees for utilities (gas, electricity, water) and final cleaning. LITEX ZPH does not charge any additional payments beyond those specified in the reservation and confirmation thereof, as well as in an order of additional services.

Terms and conditions
  1. 1. The terms and conditions determine the rules for providing services, liability and stay at the premises of the facility. The terms and conditions constitute an integral part of the agreement concluded by way of signing the registration card, as well as by booking the apartment or by paying the advance or full amount for the stay. The client confirms that he/she has read and accepted the terms and conditions by performing the above-mentioned actions.
  2. 2. The terms and conditions are accessible in each apartment and on the website of the facility at www.parksidekrakow.pl
  3. The terms and conditions apply to everyone staying at the premises of the apartments.
  4. All information during stays at the apartments will be provided to clients by the manager of the facility, who is also responsible for receiving any remarks on the services provided.
  5. An apartment is let out for a day. The apartment day starts at 2:00 Pm on the day of arrival and ends at 10 Am. On the day of departure.
  6. If the client stays at the apartment or leaves personal belongings behind after 10 Am the day of his/her planned departure without first discussing it with the hotel, it is considered that the client extends his/her stay wilfully. In such a case, LITEX ZPH will charge a fee (Liquidated damages) amounting to 100% of the cost for one night's accommodation, However, it does not guarantee the possibility of extension of the client's stay at the rented apartment. In each case liquidated damages are charged, LITEX ZPH has the right to seek a supplementary compensation pursuant to general rules.
  7. Reservations can be made directly at the apartments' website, by phone, by email to the manager of the facility, Or on the intermediaries' websites. In each case the reservation becomes effective when the client receives a confirmation thereof and pays the advance constituting 30% of the total payment for the stay.
  8. The reservation date may be changed provided there are vacancies available.
  9. If the client cancels the reservation within more than 14 days prior to the date of his/her arrival at the apartments, the advance will be returned in full. If the client cancels the reservation within up to 14 days prior to the date of his/her arrival or if the client does not arrive at the planned date, the advance will not be returned. If the reservation is made up to 3 days prior to the arrival, only the Non-refundable offer is binding.
  10. If the client decides to leave during his/her stay for any reason which is not due to LITEX ZPH’s fault, The payment for this stay will not be returned.
  11. When checking in, the client is obliged to show the receptionist a document with a photo confirming his/her identity and fill in a registration card, As well as make the rest of the payment for the stay. If the client refuses to show any identification which would enable checking him/her in, the receptionist has the right to refuse to give the client the key to the apartment.
  12. Money, jewellery, and other valuable objects carried into the apartments by the client should be kept in a locked safe located in the rented apartment.
  13. In case of any problems concerning the quality of services, the guest is asked to report them immediately to the manager of the facility, which will enable the employees to improve the standard of services provided.
  14. The hotel is obliged to provide its guests with:
    • Conditions for a full And undisturbed rest,
    • Safety during the stay, including keeping information on the guest confidential,
    • Professional and polite personnel responsible for all services provided at the hotel,
    • Cleaning the room and conducting all necessary repairs, during guest’s absence, or in his/her presence (in the latter case, upon his/her request).
    Additionally, if the guest so wishes, the hotel may provide the following free-of-charge services:
    • providing information related to the stay and the journey,
    • Ordering a taxi,
    • Helping organise guide services,
    • Helping organise wellness services,
    • Making bookings in restaurants, bars and clubs,
  15. The client is obliged to peaceful enjoyment of LITEX ZPH possessions placed in the facility and to follow the general principles of public order. In case devastation or gross violation of public order is detected, employees of LITEX ZPH have the right to take appropriate measures, including to report the case to the police.
  16. The client must report any damage to the employee of the facility immediately after such damage has been detected.
  17. The client is liable for all damage, including damage or destruction of fittings and fixtures, and technical equipment caused by any circumstances for which the client or his/her visitors at the facility are responsible.
  18. Children up to 14 Years who stay at the apartments must always be watched over by their parents or guardians.
  19. The client may use the apartment only for his/her accommodation purposes and he/she must not subrent it to a third party even if the time for which he/she paid has not expired yet.
  20. The number of guests living in the apartment cannot ecxceed the number specified in the reservation. In the event this number is exceeded, the client will be charged a fee at the flat-rate amount of twice the rent of the apartment for one night's accommodation.
  21. Persons not checked into the apartment may stay in the room from 8:00am To 10:00pm
  22. Quiet hours are in force in the apartmetn from 10 pm to 6 am. Due to the fact that the rental facility is located in a residental tenement building, disturbing the paeace at night may result in the immediate order to vacate the room, with the maintenances of the obligation to pay for the entirety of the visit.
  23. In case of damage detected at the apartment, the client is obliged to pay the employee of the facility an amount which fully covers the damages, in cash or by credit card, on the day of departure at the latest. In the event it is impossible to estimate the amount of compensation, the client will be obliged to pay it within 7 days since he/she receives bills from LITEX ZPH confirming the repair of the damage done.
  24. It is forbidden to move furniture without the consent of LITEX ZPH.
  25. Payment is made in polish zloty – Pln. Rates in other currencies are approximate, calculated on floating conversion rate.
  26. The ban on smoking is in force in the apartments, common areas as well as the stair well. In case of the ascertainment of smoking in the above-mentioned areas, the landlord shall encumber the guest with one time addtional fee of 2000,00pln
  27. Any events, organised meetings, etc. may take place only with prior written consent of LITEX ZPH.
  28. The client must secure the apartment properly, close the windows and the entrance door each time he/she leaves the apartment, and must keep the keys secure so that no third parties can access them.
  29. Personal belongings left by the guest in the apartment after checking out will be sent to the address indicated by him/her and at his/her expense. If this is not requested, the belongings will be kept in a safe in the hotel for 3 nonths, at the guest’s expense and risk, and after this period lapses, those belongings will become the hotel's property. food products will be kept for only 24 Hours.
  30. Due to fire safety, it is forbidden to use any heaters or other electric devices with which the apartment is not fitted. The above stipulation does not apply to chargers and power supplies of audio/video devices, computers or personal care appliances (such as shavers, electric toothbrushes, etc.).
  31. LITEX ZPH is not liable for loss or damage of belongings left in the apartment.
  32. If these terms and conditions are violated, LITEX ZPH reserves the right to refuse to provide further services to the client who has violated the terms. Such a client is required to immediately follow the instructions given by the personnel of the apartments, including to pay any liabilities.
  33. LITEX ZPH may refuse to accommodate a client who has grossly violated the terms and conditions during his/her former stay, has damaged the property or injured a person, or disturbed the peace and quiet on the premises of the facility in any other way.
  34. In the case it is suspected that these terms and conditions have been violated or that a crime or an offence has been committed, a LITEX ZPH representative has the right to enter the apartment at any time.
  35. In the case referred to in item 32 of the terms and conditions, LITEX ZPH is entitled to charge the client liquidated damages at the amount of the rent for the remaining rental period.
  36. Pets are allowed in the apartments. There is an additional charge 20,00pln/Night. At the same time client bears full responsibility for any possible damage made by the pet and Is obliged to cover the costs.
  37. Guest staying in the apartment equipped with jacuzzi hot yub & sauna is obliged to follow an additional rules and regulations that are in force in that type of an apartment. Additional rules and regulations are published hereinafter in form of an attachement, and is available in each spa area,
  38. LITEX ZPH reserves the right to change the apartment, offering another one with the same or higher standard.
  39. Any matters not governed by these terms and conditions are governed by the applicable provisions of the polish law, especially the polish civil code.

Rules and regulations on using jacuzzi hot tub & sauna

Before using Jacuzzi Hot Tub or Sauna follow strictly these rules and regulations.
  • Jacuzzi Hot Tub and Sauna are available for all the guests staying in the apartment equipped with Jacuzzi.
  • Only healthy people can use Jacuzzi and Sauna.
  • People with circulatory, respiratory, neurological and gastric disorders, and pregnant women should use Jacuzzi Hot Tub and Sauna with extreme caution and after medical consultation.
  • It is forbidden to use Jacuzzi Hot Tub and Sauna for people with infectious disease and , with visible dermatological ilness or with bandages, and those suffering from claustrophobia.
  • People remaining in the Jacuzzi Hot Tub and Sauna declare the same that they are fit and healthy to use that kind of treatment and bear sole responsibility for their health condition.
  • Before using Jacuzzi Hot Tub and Sauna a bath with soap is obligatory in order to remove all cosmetics and contaminations from the body.
  • Minors can use the Jacuzzi Hot Tub and Sauna only accompanied by an adult guardian.
  • It is forbidden to use Jacuzzi Hot Tub and Sauna for people under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • It is forbidden to pour into the Jacuzzi Hot Tub cosmetics, especially bubble bath liquids, and other substances polluting water under financial threat of 3 000 PLN fine.
  • It is forbidden to use in the Jacuzzi Hot Tub and Sauna any glassware, especially wine and whisky glasses under financial threat of 3 000 PLN fine. In the SPA area it is permited to use only polycarbonate dishes.
  • Following of these Rules and Regulations is supervised by the apartments personnel. All guests using the Jacuzzi Hot Tub and Sauna are obliged to strictly adhere to them.
  • Persons violating the order or the provisions of these rules and regulations, will be banned for the SPA area , fined, and in extreme situations – removed from the premises with no right to reimbursement.
  • In case of an accident resulting from not following these rules and regulations, guest of the apartment bears sole responsibility for it.

In case of the content not covered here, general Hotel Rules and Regulations apply.

Privacy Policy

Information on processing of personal data

In accordance with Article 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016. (OJ EU L 119 of 04.05.2016) we would like to inform you that;

1. Personal data controllers
We will be the controllers of your data: entrepreneur Stanisław Litwin running a business activity under the name Litwin Stanisław LITEX ZPH with headquarters in Ostrów Wielkopolski, Staroprzygodzka 117 Street, NIP 6220104992 and entities belonging to the Lubawa Capital Group (hereinafter referred to as: “Lubawa Group”), with which we are constantly working, as well as our trusted partners, i.e. entities which are not members of the Lubawa Group but are our partners (hereinafter referred to as: "Trustworthy Partners"). Most often, this cooperation is aimed at providing you with the best service in the performance of contracts and complex orders, better adjustment of offers to your needs, as well as performing various studies and activities aimed at more efficient management of resources and adapting them to the needs of our contractors. Detailed information on controllers can be found at https://www.lubawagroup.com/pl/polityka-prywatnosci.

2. Joint arrangements between Controllers
Due to the fact that the Lubawa Group and Trustworthy Partners operate on the basis of co-administration, in accordance with Article 26 of the general regulation on personal data protection of 27 April 2016, we concluded a relevant agreement. Each of the Controllers shall exercise due diligence to ensure the security of the processing of your data and you may ask any questions you may have. In particular, we have agreed that:

1) The Controller collecting personal data is responsible for complying with the obligation to provide information to you pursuant to Articles 13 and 14 of the GDPR;
2) each of the Controllers is responsible for enabling you to exercise the rights set out in paragraph 6, through a contact point established by us (details below). Notwithstanding the foregoing, you may exercise your rights by making your requests, demands or enquiries to each of the Controllers. In such a case, the Controller to whom you make the request will pass it on to the other Controllers for its implementation, and then provide you with a reply in accordance with the rules and within the time limits specified in Article 12 of the GDPR;
3) The Controller collecting personal data from you is responsible for the correctness of the collected data,
4) The Controller of Litex Service sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Ostrów Wielkopolski also takes care to ensure the external security of IT systems against unauthorized access and their internal organization ensuring the best protection. The content of agreements between the Controllers can be found on the website available at https://www.lubawagroup.com/pl/polityka-prywatnosci.

3. Point of contact
Together, we have decided to establish a single point of contact for you to contact in matters relating to the protection of your personal data and the exercise of your rights in relation to such processing. If you wish to contact the Data Protection Officer, please use the contact details below.
- Correspondence address: Litex Service sp. z o.o., ul. Staroprzygodzka 117, 63-400 Ostrów Wielkopolski;
- E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

4. Objectives and grounds for processing
We have jointly agreed on the purposes for which your data will be processed. We will process your personal data:

a) pursuant to Article 6(1)(b) of the General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016 (hereinafter "the Regulation") will be processed in order to conclude and implement the agreement concluded with you, or fulfillment of the order and any preceding activities.
b) based on Article 6(1)(c) of the General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016. (hereinafter "the Regulation") will be processed in order to comply with a legal obligation to issue and store documents and invoices for services provided or outsourced by the Controller, to exercise your or the Controller's post-sales rights.
c) based on Article 6(1)(f) of the General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016. (hereinafter "the Regulation") will be processed for the purpose of direct marketing as well as for defense against and in connection with the pursuit of claims and fulfillment of other legal obligations before state offices.
d) pursuant to Article 6(1)(a) of the General Regulation on the basis of your separate consent, if given, will be processed for the purpose of sending commercial communications.
e) In order to conduct direct marketing, we may perform profiling of your personal data, i.e. automated analysis of your personal data for the purpose of making predictions about your preferences or future behaviour and receiving selected marketing information.

5. Data recipients
Your personal data will be processed by other entities providing services to the Controller, among others, financial settlements, protection of property and persons, accounting, legal, advisory, consulting and archiving offices, service of IT equipment and computer programs in which data are collected, all other services supporting the Controller's activities in connection with the performance of contracts concluded by the Controller with third parties or yourselves.

6. Data subjects' rights and the right to objection

a) You have the right to demand from the Controller access to personal data, the right to rectify, delete or limit the processing, the right to transfer data, and if the processing of personal data by the Controller is based on consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by sending written information to the address of the Controller or contact details given in point 3.
b) notwithstanding the provisions of (a) above, you have the right to object to the processing of personal data that are not based on your consent, contract or legal provision. With regard to direct marketing conducted by the Controller, including profiling and data processed on a different legal basis than the one indicated in the first sentence, you may object to the Controller's address or contact details indicated in the Personal Data Inspector given in point 3 In the event of an objection after the examination of your application, it will not be possible for the Controller to process the personal data subject to objection, unless we prove that there are valid legitimate grounds for processing the data, which are considered by law to be overriding your interests, rights and freedoms or there are grounds for determining, pursuing or defending claims.
c) You have the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory authority, i.e. the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection, if you believe that the processing of personal data by the controller takes place in violation of the law.

7. Retention period of data
Your personal data will be kept for a period designated by the administrator ( controller ) i.e. 10 years, but in the case of a separate consent granted until withdrawal, which has been included in the procedure set out in point 6 and in the case of opposition to the processing of personal data, up to the moment of filing the objection, which was included in the procedure set out in point 6( b.)

8. Information on the voluntary nature of data provision
Providing personal data is voluntary, however, the refusal to provide data preventing the execution of the contract may result in the refusal to fulfil the order/agreement.

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